Low Back & Hip Pain

Low back pain causes hundreds of thousands of people to suffer every year. Many of us see this problem as the “disease of the century” affecting 25% of young people.

Although the causes are multiple and sometimes difficult to identify, it has also been found that they are often neuro-biomechanical in nature, such as:

• Abdominal muscles flaccid and relaxed
• Compression or irritation of the nerve roots at the exit of the vertebral column (subluxation)
• Of vertebral congenital malformations
• Poor posture
• pregnancy
• Bone or joint disease
• Primary or secondary cancer
• Arthritis or osteoarthritis
• A systemic disease
• Stress
• Certain working conditions

The lower back is vulnerable because it supports all the weight of the upper body.
This region is subjected to strong muscular tensions during bending, extension and rotation movements made by the trunk. These tensions affect the intervertebral discs, the vertebral joints, the ligaments and the nerves.

Lumbar Pain
If a sharp and brutal pain assaults you in the lower back, it may be a lumbago (or turn of nothing). This pain can become so strong that you with the impression that the lower back “hangs”. You can not move and you are leaning forward.
Lumbago can often be caused by minimal disturbances of vertebral biomechanics, poor postures, muscle or ligament stretching, disc herniation, or dysfunction of one or more vertebrae, which produces neurological irritation responsible for muscular contractions Occur in the lower back.

Treatment For Low Back Pain
To treat lower back pain, the chiropractor sees to reduce the muscle spasm felt and improve the nervous influx and blood circulation of the affected area. If the lower back pain comes from stretching muscles, the relief will be quick. If it is ligaments that are stretched, it may take longer to feel. In the case of intervertebral disc lesions, a more sophisticated treatment plan should be considered.

All studies demonstrate, for low back pain, chiropractic treatment is the one that gives the best results. Pain relief is often immediate, eliminating the need to be absent from work. In addition, the healing time is often shorter with chiropractic treatments than with any other treatment available.

Which Health Professional Is Best Prepared To Deal With This Problem?
The chiropractor is the health care professional best prepared to deal with any problems related to the nervous and musculoskeletal system. If the problem is not genetic or infectious, the chiropractor can intervene because it is often a non-invasive and reversible pathology that is treated naturally and can be treated without medication or surgery.
The chiropractor acquired this professional competency during his five years of university studies, totaling nearly 5,000 hours of courses. He learned how to identify health problems through questionnaires, exams, x-rays and laboratory tests.
For those who want to avoid drugs and surgery as much as possible, chiropractic is a natural choice.

Treatment Options
Rest-Studies show that rest only does not decrease back pain and may even complicate recovery.

Drugs Medications can provide temporary relief from pain but do not address the underlying causes.

Surgery – Although this treatment is sometimes mandatory, many surgeries do not eliminate pain and it can reappear after a few years.

Chiropractic- Chiropractic offers safe and effective treatment of back pain by addressing the source of the problem and not just the symptoms of pain. Many studies have proven the effectiveness of chiropractic treatments for back pain and patients say they derive greater satisfaction from chiropractic treatments.

How To Avoid Back Pain?
In addition to treating your current problems, your chiropractor may suggest solutions to avoid back pain in the future.
Stretching and Exercising: The chiropractor will show you specific stretches and exercises to improve the flexibility and strength of your back, which can reduce pain and improve things.

Posture: Having a good posture when sitting, lifting things or sleeping is one of the best solutions for back pain. The chiropractor will show you the right positions and will also speak to you about the supports for the seats or the back, pillows and mattresses.

Orthotic care and soles: Custom-made orthotics may be required for people whose foot arch is misaligned. Others may use soles to reduce the impact on the spine.

Backpack: The way we carry loads every day can really decrease the effort and fatigue of our column. Ergonomic bags can reduce stress and also redistribute heavy loads. It is recommended not to carry loads weighing more than 15% of its weight.