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12/18/12 – Innate Intelligence Workshop

12/18/12 – Innate Intelligence Workshop

Most of the world functions in a model of health that says sickness and health come from outside-in and base health on they feel. The correct model of health says that sickness and health come from inside-out and that we should base health on how we function. Learn how to convert to a model of healthcare instead of the present “sick care” model, and learn the latest facts and research as to why. Learn how we are all born with innate intelligence, the body’s inborn ability to heal. Put good food in a dead body and what happens? Without innate intelligence there is no life. Learn how innate intelligence is run by your nervous system and taking care of your nervous system is directly related to your health.

All our workshops are free to the community and are held on Tuesday Evenings from 6:15-6:45p.m. in our office.

Please call ahead for seating so we can accommodate all who would like to attend.

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Dr. Tyler McClimon

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